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John Ashworth
student at Judson

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Thursday, June 11th

The History

"If you read this, please write an idea on a post-it below. Coming 2016, your idea might make it to our calendar. Thank you."

the Ideators Project is a community of

people willing to leave their amazing ideas

behind for others to realize them.

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The project was ready by 3.52am, and tourists flooded the post-its with all kinds of ideas. It became a hotspot for social media.


Here are the after-movie and some images from that 24-hr period:


He reached out to Romee Van de Ven, a friend

from 'de Pit', a group of creative event organizers.

Together, they decided to spontaneously 'post-it bomb' the local I Amsterdam sign with 366 post-its on the early morning of Thursday, the next night.

Romee was the videographer, John (with help of tourists) put up the sticky notes with double sided strips of tape on the back, and a giant sign at the top, saying:

"What if we could create a tear-off calendar,
with a completely new idea on each page?"

Wednesday, June 10th

An idea came to mind, the night of
June 10th, at home in Amsterdam.

If YOU read this.jpg

History, pt. 2

Our goal is to facilitate a much-needed connection between the world’s ideators

and creators over a digital platform. This platform will help inspire people to think broader and venture further than they had before, bringing about helpful products,

jobs and services in the process.

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