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History of                              ,
part 2.

Saturday, June 20th

​It was originally called project 'An Idea A Day' back in 2015...​ and has evolved into

John's senior graphic design project.

Ideators Logo full black-21.png

was the main question for the day, but tourist

suggestions & pizza provided for enough

hilarious moments & bizarre ideas.

"What ideas should become a reality?"

August, 2015

After connecting with his colleague, Andrew Kambel, they invited anyone who was interested in joining the '366 Ideas Brainstorm', to take place on Saturday, June 20th, in a gathering space of John's parents' work location.

2015 11187829_398962253632889_8671563027
2015 11406246_398962313632883_7830421248
2015 11254091_398962316966216_4967602689
2015 11221373_398962260299555_4345475989

moving to the States
to study

Next up: Shark Tank &
pitching competitions.

Monday, July 6th

In the first week of summer vacation prior to studying in the U.S., John and his friends Steinar, Jasper & Didier did the same thing

in Berlin at the Weltzeituhr.


to be continued...

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